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Abdul Jabar Gang Festival

Festival Gang Abdul Jabar Art movement based on democratic beginning to grow again. Due to technological progress so rapidly, affecting the character of the urban cities become very addictive. It causes mental degradation for some people, making them trapped in a tumult of social phenomenawhich agrees konsumeritas culture. Such situations lead to various communities engaged in social, cultural and educational. Make it hot issue as the current discourse. Hopefully they can be discourse research material as initial capital to cultivate the creative potential of society to their own environment. Various communities have been mapped into the discussion among the masses, Lenteng forums, communities Marginal, Fangs rice, Community Instituta, community Eyebrow roof, and stable community Begoendal Doang gap. In recent years the stakeholders, respond and record the growing social phenomenon. As the study of the movement of the current culture conditions. Begoendal Community Event held some time ago with the name Abdul Jabar Gang Festival during the month ending on 21 April, to coincide with the day of Kartini. Featuring some of which Segment Program, Journalists Workshop, Workshop Mural (Wall Painting), Silk Screen Workshop, Painting Coloring for kids, Creative Product Bazaar. Residents surrounding the event involves collaboration with several community care as support cultural event takes place. This event of course is the collectivity, the concept of culture of mutual help restore back after a centuries old tradition as the basis of national life. And now almost tasteless longer usefulness. To coincide with the day of Kartini, the top event is also opened by the Head of the Division of Arts Bpk.Drs.Tubagus Andre SR National Gallery of Indonesia. Who argued that "art belongs to the people, no longer art for art, because art is part of a culture that keeps in touch with the people". The interesting thing about this event is the work - creative works on display at the event area is ongoing. Like, Community begoendal Abduljabar gang involving citizens as a form of workshops in the manufacture of wall murals on the walls that have been determined. then from the roof of community Eyebrow displays the work in the form of scrap plastic that has been recycled to form toys - children. Community instituta next show paper and cloth used as recycled materials like bags, or t-shirt with embroidered handicraft work. And lift the Lenong also Betawi Betawi arts performed by residents Gang Abduljabar. If stability is not the fulcrum dotted political interests but rather is at the basis of culture. Sure hope this nation will be more cultured. Because the nation - a nation that proves mengedapankan culture, the culture will be sharper in developing nations more. Accompanied by the relevant economic success is applied in accordance with the current state of the nation is still in the developing stage. (Tunggul)

13 September 2012 - 17:10:19 WIB

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